About Alexander

I was born and grew up in Holland. My born interest in science pushes me constantly to search for information and to wanting to understand the why of things. My personal web site is just a small mirror of the topics that catch my attention.

When I was very young I discovered the world of electronics and telecommunications, so it was rather obvious to choose a technical career. In 1994 I culminated the “Electrical Engineering” career at the “University of Twente” (Enschede / The Netherlands) performing the Master of Science project at the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya” (Barcelona / Catalunya). Immediately after finishing study I moved to near Barcelona and started to work in the Information Technology and Communications area of large enterprises. Recently I finished the Executive MBA at the EAE Business School and some other courses. You can find more information about my professional experience on Linkedin.

To think over on what is happening in our lives and in the world may lead one to discover new points of view. Discussing and sharing them with other people enrich us, so feel free to add your comments to any of my posts. You can also contact me directly in several ways.