Looking for cofounders

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Interested in new and very challenging online project?
Are you one of the best programmers around the world?
Do you want to give your professional career a new boost?
Are you thinking of leaving the large company you’re buried in?
Are you an experienced Open Source architect, online business developer or large scale system administrator?

If so, then read on!

For several months I am working on an idea which I want to transform into a business. It’s an ambitious information technology based project born out of my observations as telecommunication consultant for large enterprises as well as observed global tendencies and an initial competitive analysis.

In essence, the product is an online communication and collaboration tool for enterprises and the business model would be based on software subscription (SaaS, Software as a Service). It’s nothing disruptive, just best of bread, or maybe not. Business communication has to be improved, must be more efficient and embrace borderless collaboration. Do you have related innovative ideas?

I’m looking for potential cofounders with complementary skills, willing and able to invest (some) money, able to work one year without income and who can involve him/herself in the project full-time at some point in time soon. I want to get into contact with professionals with experience in large software development projects, preferably based on Open Source and with knowledge of different development methods (at both project and programming level). But, many roles will have to be fulfilled! What do you have to offer?

I would like to have a startup team formed as soon as possible so we can work out an initial business plan by putting together and refining all our ideas and start to build and sell. There’s no time to be lost.

Contact me at alexander.vanderkolk@gmail.com or through the contact page if you are interested in knowing more about this breathtaking adventure or just want to share your ideas. Total confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please share, tweet and send this page as much as you can.

Thank you and hopefully I hear from you soon!
Alexander van der Kolk

Pd. You can write me in English, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch or German.

Page created: February 5, 2013
Last modification: Februari 11, 2013

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