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Business communication

It’s not possible to live without communication, not only for individuals, but also for organizations. Communication is the act of communicating and refers to the process of sharing information between individuals or groups through a common language. Business communication is this same process, but limited to business information. Classically, business communication is divided into external communication, to interact with (potential) clients and other companies, and internal communication, to make things happen within an organization. But the boundaries are blurring as companies are increasingly outsourcing business activities and want to interact more and more intensively with their (potential) clients and users. Besides this, project based collaboration with other organizations is becoming very popular, even with business competitors (see coopetition).

The more efficient your business communication is, the more productive your company gets, which at the end should lead to more competitiveness. This doesn’t only mean that time spent to non-business related issues should be kept to a minimum, but also that individuals should have various ways to contact others in a comfortable way and get response in a timely manner according the urgency or the priority. Do you know your business costs of failed or inefficient internal and external communication?

As society is evolving faster and faster, it’s becoming more and more important for a company to have good telecommunication solutions and collaboration tools. The better they integrate the fewer barriers for the employees to get their work done in an efficient way. Nowadays, information technology offer numerous ways to communicate and to collaborate at reduced costs, but still, many companies rely just on antiquated services like fax or a limited service like telephony. There are so many other ways to communicate and to work together, but I will extend on this in future posts.